Janine Gallizia

by badwatercolorart

Janine was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1972.  She began her career working as a designer in Melbourne then later in Sydney, London and finally in Brussels.
Eight years on she turned away from the corporate world and began working as a professional watercolour artist and is now living in France.
At the age of 38, Janine has already exhibited in over 50 one-man and group shows in 13 countries, winning numerous awards for her work.   
A well recognised watercolourist, Janine’s work has appeared in numerous magazines and books on watercolour in Europe, Australia, Canada and China.  She herself has written three books on her technique “Light & Atmosphere in Watercolour” in 2003 and “Keep it simple!” in 2005, both editions were sell-outs, and the just released “Sponanteity & emotion… a constructed liberty” in 2008.  Janine is also a highly regarded teacher. She travels extensively exhibiting her work, holding workshops and giving demonstrations to private groups and Art Societies.
“Reproducing reality holds little interest for me, I prefer to take a subject, however ordinary, and try to paint what I feel about it as opposed to concentrating only it’s physical form.  Great paintings do not require great subjects, they are the result of intelligent subject treatment.”  
A self-taught artist, Janine is also president and founder of “On the Water’s Edge” an bi-annual exhibition organised in Brussels celebrating “World Watercolour Day”, exhibiting the works of 12 great contempory watercolour artists.  The goal is to help promote watercolour, the world’s oldest painting technique, re-gain its status as a major Art technique.
Janine is the Art Director of the magazines The Art of Watercolour and L’Art de l’Aquarelle.

Lack of basic drawing skills and control over the medium, muddy color palette, wishy-washy approach.

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